ECU remote programming

Online service Trucks Construction equipment

  • Reflashing any control unit with original paramters or by client request

Free Online diagnostic
We will find the problem in your truck and make a full report with exactly work price.





We provide most truck and CE scanners

We work with most brands as AutoVei and Jaltest and Alientech.

We provide our clients full solution, ECU scanner and support.

How we work

You need to have right scanner for your truck \ CE model, if you don’t we can provide you with right scanner.

After  you connect the scanner to your Heavy vehicle through OBD socket and laptop then connect it to internet and send us your TeamViewer ID and PW.

Work takes above 30min per control unit.


We offer all remote services  for Truck and Construction equipment and also Generators.

Who’s our clients

Auto repair garages

Truck fleet companies



Send us request

Here you can fill the form with request details, VIN Model and Engine type and horsepower also what work requested.