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Product Information

KTM200 ECU Programmer Software:

Software Version: KT 2022.12.10

Operating System: Windows 7/10/11

Language: English, Deutsch, Italiano, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Polish, Czech, Romana, Turkish

Update: online lifetime

Top Highlights

ChipTuningKit KT200 = Kess V2+Ktag+FGTech V54 +Bench ECU Tool+KTM100+…

KT200 ecu programmer covering up to 5400 ECU, over 500 TCU

Supprot Audi/Volkswagen ECU Clone via BENCH MODE

Bosch EDC17, MED17/ME17, and SIEMENS Pcr2.1(with Pinout also unlocking possibility) read and write in Bench Mode

Product Functions

Read & write ECU/TCU

ECU/TCU Clone & coding

Chip Tuning

VR File writing

Automatic checksum

User Tips

  1. Please close anti-virus program before you running KT200 software, it may incorrectly identify the software as harmful and broken it.
  2. Please connect to Internet to working with KT200 software, it working online.
  3. Inquiry the ECU type connection firstly, follow the diagram for connection right wire, then start reading & writing (Not all ECU connect by OBD cable/ Bench Pincode, incorrect connection will pop up error)

What’s in the Box

Master x 1BENCH BOX x1OBD wires x 2

pinout line x 1

BOM adapter x 4

Transfer cables x 3

Power wire x 4

Set of resistors x 1

Adapter plugs x 4 sets

Power adapters x 5 sets

Software(Optional): Auto Version/Full Configuration license Software